Game rules

The T&Cs are being amended with the following game rules. In the event of inconsistency between the game rules and the T&Cs, the T&Cs apply.

The following points apply to all game worlds. If you think you have been blocked or banned unfairly, please contact the responsible Game Operator via the ticket system.

Please note that complaints and requests to do with the particulars of an account's data privacy can only be dealt with via the owner of the account.


Every player can register for KingsAge several times, but can only own one game account per world.

Access to the account, account sitting & account sharing

Only the owner has access to the account. So-called "sitting" or "account sharing", in which the account is played by the registered player as well as other people, is not allowed.

The only way you can let your account be sitted is by the "holiday replacement" premium feature. Non-premium players can use sleep mode as an alternative for the replacement function.

Passing on passwords is not permitted.

Account transfer

If an account is passed onto another player, support has to be informed about it and support's approval has to be obtained. There is no legal claim to an account transference. A transfer can only occur completely, individual worlds cannot be transferred. Please note that 'Crowns' are bound to an account. Thus they stay on the transferred account and can only be used by the new owner of the account.

Sharing internet connections

The game has a 'Share internet connection' function that is displayed in the profile under the same description. This function must be used by every person who knowingly uses the same network or the same computer as another player in the same world. Examples of shared networks are school networks, universities or work places.

To prevent a ban, support should be informed before you play on a foreign network.
Any violations against the 'Share internet connection' function can result in temporary or permanent bans.


It is not permitted to use a weaker account for your own advantage (e.g. in form of a resource yield)


A bug is an in-game error which could create unfair advantages for certain players. You cannot take advantage of these bugs. Should you become the victim of a bug, it is imperative that you notify a Game Operator.

Bots and scripts

Please take note of the terms and conditions, item 5: 'Special terms and conditions for the use of online games' and all subsections from 5.1 to 5.7.

There are certain tools that are allowed. A list of permissible scripts can be found in the forum.

Should you be unsure whether a tool that you have is permissible or not, please contact support and send them the script.
If you have written your own script, please contact game support and ask if it is allowed before publishing it.


Insults, abuse, and all offensive messages are forbidden and anyone sending such messages will be punished.
Threats are only permissible if they relate exclusively to the game and have absolutely no connection to any other platform or to the private life of any players. Political, racial, pornographic or other illegal expression is not allowed on any KingsAge-related platform.

Gameforge reserves the right to block any player who does not understand or cannot express himself in the language of the domain on which he plays.
This applies as much to the game as it does to the official forum and the IRC channel.

These rules also apply to:
In-game messages, alliance pages and circular mail.
Please bear in mind that any misbehaviour in the game, in the forum, or on IRC can result in the temporary or permanent blocking of your account.

It is absolutely forbidden to spread immoral content in order to insult the integrity of a player or person. In-game moral boundaries are preserved and defended by the game team. Certain content may be censored, and the corresponding accounts temporarily or permanently blocked.

This rule also applies to In-game messages, profiles, nicknames, settlement names, alliance pages and circular mails.


• You are allowed to extort resources from other players.

• You are not allowed to blackmail players for 'Crowns' or other items that do not have anything to do with KingsAge's free offers.

• Insults or other objectionable messages are prohibited.

• Every attempt at accessing other players' passwords (phishing) is strictly prohibited and will be punished.

• You are not allowed to divulge political, racist or pornographic ideas in the game. This includes, for example, the player profile, alliance profile, nicknames and settlement names.

• Links that lead to 'warez' or pornographic pages are prohibited.

• Every player that insults others in the forum or in the IRC chat runs the risk of being banned in the game.


Any attempt to impede a player's view which prevents said player from normal play is not permitted.

This is also valid for:
• Spam via messages (IGM)
• Distribution of other games.

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