The buildings
The units

The buildings

The castle is the heart of the settlement. It provides its citizens with safety in times of war and is also the place where craftsmen and builders work together to build new buildings and extend existing buildings. The bigger the castle, the more builders can work there. This also means that the buildings can be built even faster. As soon as the castle has been built up to stage 15, you can tear down buildings.

Whether it is needed as a framework for shields or weapons: Wood is the raw material that is needed the most for your settlements. In the sawmill, trees from the surrounding woods are processed and made available to builders and blacksmiths. The more your sawmill is extended, the more workers can be employed to process raw wood.

Stone Quarry
At the stone quarry, boulders are chipped off rocks and processed into stone blocks. These blocks can then be used for building buildings or for troop production in the barracks. The more you expand your quarry, the more stonemasons you can employ and the quicker you can process these rocks into blocks of stone.

Iron Ore Mine
Even the best warriors cannot withstand a battle without good armour and sharp blades. In the ore mine, iron is dug out of the earth and processed. If you expand your mine you can employ more workers and they can work faster.

Resources are safe from wind and weather in the warehouse. Make sure that it always has enough space, otherwise important resources will be lost. Unfortunately your goods aren't safe from pillagers- you need a hideout for that.

Settlers in your settlements cannot always defend their homes. That's why they store their treasures in a secret place hiding place. These hideouts are safe from the hands of thieves and the eyes of spies.

The fruits of the field are ground in the mill. Flour allows the miller to provide for your settlements, so that none of your citizens in the kingdom have to starve. All your workers and troops want to be fed though. So you can only employ as many as you can provide for.

In the barracks tough rules and an even harsher treatment reigns in order to teach discipline and tactics. Warriors are trained here to loyally serve their King. You can also send them into battle, where they will stand by your side in all their bravery and glory. The more you extend your barracks, the more advanced your units will be.

Town wall
A strong town wall keeps your villagers safe from hungry wolves as well as from attacking enemies. When a village is being defended, the wall strengthens (according to its level) the combat strength of the native troops.

Donkey breeding stable
At the donkey breeding stable, loyal pack animals are raised, who will patiently carry heavy loads for you. The larger the stable, the more donkeys can be bred there.

The market is a hustle and bustle of colourful activity. Merchants from near and far come here to do business. Resources are bought here or sent on long trips. Carrier donkeys are available for the transport, that you can breed at the donkey breeding stable. The more your market is extended, the more you can trade and the larger the space is for market stalls and donkeys, who can be loaded up with goods.

In the Alchemist's kitchen wondrous things are produced. During your search for the Stone of the Wise, you will also find, next to foul smelling concoctions, many a useful thing. The larger your laboratory is, the more successful the research will be.

Counts are loyal people who take charge of the daily dealings of your kingdom in your name. If they take on their post in a new settlement, they need golden armour to symbolise their power. You can produce golden armour at the goldsmith's.

You can produce the golden armour that is required for appointing new counts here. As every count wants to his own armour to be the most elaborate, the costs increase with every golden armour produced.

A magnificent statue stands in the middle of the village square to remind the villagers and the passing folk of your royal greatness. It fills the warriors with pride and spreads an aura of power beyond the walls of the settlement. The memorial strengthens the fortification by 50%1$s%%. It can only be built though, when all the buildings have been fully extended.
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