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The units

When there isn't enough time or money to train soldiers, the farmers have to defend themselves using their sharp and pointy tools. Alone, they are not really a serious opponent. In large numbers though, they can pose a threat to knights and infantry.

What would a knight be without his servant! But even without his master, squires are a very helpful support. They are good with horses and even though they don't have many weapons, they are still capable of defending themselves against mounted units.

Templars are known for their steady shields and their unshakable code of honour. Courageously they stand in the way of all enemies (regardless of their strength) to protect their king and their people. They are particularly good at defending themselves against intruding foot soldiers.

The berserkers yell their battle cry across the battlefield, intimidating all around them, before charging towards their enemies, swinging their axes recklessly. Once they have been let loose, there is no stopping them and their desire for attack makes them one of the most feared warrior units around.

With their eagles eyes and razor sharp arrows, long bow archers are deadly from a distance. They can support you in any army, regardless of whether you are attacking or defending from your own settlement.

The strength of spies does not lie in battle. Moreover they sneak up to their enemies during the tranquillity of the night to spy on their settlements. The more spies you have, the more detailed their spy reports will be.

From a distance, enemies can already see the impressive, radiant banners of the crusaders. These warriors of light are experienced fighters, that can quickly and forcefully ride to an attack. They are indispensable if you want to execute assaults and pillages quickly.

An aura of sinister power surrounds the black knights. They invoke fear and terror into everyone who sees them. No one has heard them say a word or has even heard their names being spoken. Black knights don't have any weaknesses. But the price to hire one is extremely high.

There aren't many town walls that can withstand the power of ten men and a crown of steel that a battering ram consists of. Unfortunately its weight is also a burden and means that it can only be moved very slowly.

The trebuchet has a deadly technique: its slings are capable of catapulting the heaviest rocks onto its enemies. It can also bombard buildings. It does need an escort though, as it obviously can't defend itself without help.

You can hear the belting of royal fanfares from a distance, signalling the arrival of the count who is going to take over the settlement's affairs in your name. With your majesty's appointment he can convince whole settlements to join your kingdom.
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